Sponge Blasting

Decrease Waste. Boost Efficiency.

An alternative to abrasive cleaning methods that use sand or water, sponge blasting is a clean, dry, low-dust process that relies on reusable materials. From gentle cleaning to intense coating removal, sponge blasting from Innovative Plant Solutions can increase your production, efficiency and profits.


  • Less fugitive, hazardous emissions
    • Decreases eye and other injuries
    • Reduces respiratory problems, smog and global pollution
    • Eliminates equipment exposure to damaging dust and water
    • Decreases downtime by allowing tradespeople to operate nearby
    • Reduces liability, litigation and compliance reporting
  • Easy staging, containment, ventilation and cleanup
  • High-quality surface preparation in sensitive or restricted areas
  • Recyclable technology decreases the costs of abrasives, freight, handling, and cleanup and disposal

How It Works

The sponge blasting team at Innovative Plant Solutions uses an innovative system that greatly reduces operating waste, water use and dust production. Our method also affords operators unmatched application control and the ability to prepare sensitive surfaces, even during normal plant operations and alongside other blasting projects.

With sponge blasting services from Innovative Plant Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your plant will be cleaned using the latest eco- and cost-friendly technology on the market.

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